Flowering of Goodness    

J Krishnamurti
Tao Te Ching


One: Dichotomies
Two: Vigilance
Three: The Mind
Four: Flowers
Five: The Fool
Six: The Sage
Seven: The Arahant
Eight: Thousands
Nine: Evil
Ten: Violence
Eleven: Old Age
Twelve: Oneself
Thirteen: The World
Fourteen: The Buddha
Fifteen: Happiness
Sixteen: The Dear
Seventeen: Anger
Eighteen: Corruption
Nineteen: The Just
Twenty: The Path
Twenty One: Miscellaneous
Twenty Two: Hell
Twenty Three: The Elephant
Twenty Four: Craving
Twenty Five: The Bhikkhu
Twenty Six: The Brahmin

Buddhist Classics

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The Dhammapada
Chapter Seventeen: Anger

Give up anger, give up conceit,
Pass beyond every fetter.
There is no suffering for one who possesses nothing,
Who doesn't cling to body-and-mind.

The one who keeps anger in check as it arises,
As one would a careening chariot,
I call a charioteer.
Others are merely rein-holders.

Conquer anger with non-anger;
Conquer wickedness with goodness;
Conquer stinginess with giving,
And a liar with truth.

If one speaks the truth,
Is not angry,
And gives when asked, even when one has little,
Then one comes into the presence of the gods.

Sages who do no harm,
Constantly restrained in body,
Go to the immovable state
Where they do not grieve.

For the ever-wakeful -
Training day and night,
Intent on Nirvana -
The toxins disappear.

Ancient is this saying, O Atula,
It is not just of today:
They find fault in one sitting silently,
They find fault in one speaking much,
They find fault in one speaking moderately.
No one in this world is not found at fault.

No person can be found
Who has been, is, or will be
Only criticized
Or only praised.

Who is worthy enough to find fault
In one who is like a coin of the finest gold -
Blameless in conduct,
Endowed with insight and virtue,
Praised by the wise after being observed day after day?
Such a one is praised even by the gods,
Even by Brahma.

Guard against anger erupting in your body;
Be restrained with your body.
Letting go of bodily misconduct,
Practice good conduct with your body.

Guard against anger erupting in your speech;
Be restrained with your speech.
Letting go of verbal misconduct,
Practice good conduct with your speech.

Guard against anger erupting in your mind;
Be restrained with your mind.
Letting go of mental misconduct,
Practice good conduct with your mind.

The wise are restrained in body,
Restrained in speech.
The wise are restrained in mind.
They are fully restrained.

...excerpt from The Dhammapada

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