Flowering of Goodness    

J Krishnamurti
Tao Te Ching


One: Dichotomies
Two: Vigilance
Three: The Mind
Four: Flowers
Five: The Fool
Six: The Sage
Seven: The Arahant
Eight: Thousands
Nine: Evil
Ten: Violence
Eleven: Old Age
Twelve: Oneself
Thirteen: The World
Fourteen: The Buddha
Fifteen: Happiness
Sixteen: The Dear
Seventeen: Anger
Eighteen: Corruption
Nineteen: The Just
Twenty: The Path
Twenty One: Miscellaneous
Twenty Two: Hell
Twenty Three: The Elephant
Twenty Four: Craving
Twenty Five: The Bhikkhu
Twenty Six: The Brahmin

Buddhist Classics

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The Dhammapada
Chapter Fifteen: Happiness

Ah, so happily we live,
Without hate among those with hate.
Among people who hate
We live without hate.

Ah, so happily we live,
Without misery among those in misery.
Among people in misery
We live without misery.

Ah, so happily we live,
Without ambition among those with ambition.
Among people who are ambitious
We live without ambition.

Ah, so happily we live,
We who have no attachments.
We shall feast on joy,
As do the Radiant Gods.

Victory gives birth to hate;
The defeated sleep in anguish.
Giving up both victory and defeat,
Those who have attained peace sleep happily.

There is no fire like lust,
No misfortune like hate,
No suffering like the aggregates,
And no happiness higher than peace.

Hunger is the foremost illness;
Sankharas the foremost suffering.
For one who knows this as it really is,
Nirvana is the foremost happiness.

Health is the foremost possession,
Contentment, the foremost wealth,
Trust, the foremost kinship,
And Nirvana, the foremost happiness.

Tasting the flavor
Of solitude and peace,
One becomes free of distress and evil,
Drinking the flavor of Dharma joy.

It's good to see the noble ones;
Their company is always a delight.
Free from the sight of fools,
One would constantly be happy.

One who keeps company with fools
Will grieve for a long, long time.
Living with fools is painful,
As is living with foes.
Living with the wise is delightful,
Like relatives gathered together.

You should follow a good, intelligent person
Who is wise, insightful, learned,
Committed to virtue, dutiful, and noble,
As the moon follows the path of the stars.

...excerpt from The Dhammapada

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