Flowering of Goodness    

J Krishnamurti

Tao Te Ching

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Tao Te Ching
Book One



     The spirit of the valley never dies.
     This is called the mysterious female.
     The gateway of the mysterious female
     Is called the root of heaven and earth.
     Dimly visible, it seems as if it were there,
     Yet use will never drain it.


Heaven and earth are enduring. The reason why heaven and earth can be enduring is that they do not give themselves life. Hence they are able to be long-lived.
     Therefore the sage puts his person last and it comes first,
     Treats it as extraneous to himself and it is preserved.
Is it not because he is without thought of self that he is able to accomplish his private ends?


Highest good is like water. Because water excels in benefiting the myriad creatures without contending with them and settles where none would like to be, it comes close to the way.
     In a home it is the site that matters;
     In quality of mind it is depth that matters;
     In an ally it is benevolence that matters;
     In speech it is good faith that matters;
     In government it is order that matters;
     In affairs it is ability that matters;
     In action it is timeliness that matters.
It is because it does not contend that it is never at fault.


     Rather than fill it to the brim by keeping it upright
     Better to have stopped in time;
     Hammer it to a point
     And the sharpness cannot be preserved forever;
     There may be gold and jade to fill a hall
     But there is none who can keep them.
     To be overbearing when one has wealth and position
     Is to bring calamity upon oneself.
     To retire when the task is accomplished
     Is the way of heaven.


     When carrying on your head your perplexed bodily soul can you embrace in your arms the One
     And not let go?
     In concentrating your breath can you become as supple
     As a babe?
     Can you polish your mysterious mirror
     And leave no blemish?
     Can you love the people and govern the state
     Without resorting to action?
     When the gates of heaven open and shut
     Are you capable of keeping to the role of the female?
     When your discernment penetrates the four quarters
     Are you capable of not knowing anything?
     It gives them life and rears them.
     It gives them life yet claims no possession;
     It benefits them yet exacts no gratitude;
     It is the steward yet exercises no authority.
     Such is called the mysterious virtue.

...Excerpt from the Tao Te Ching

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