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Law of Attraction
The Science of Deliberate Creation

Excerpts from The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks

"I invited it by giving it thought"

Often, as we begin to impart our knowledge to our physical friends regarding the Deliberate Creative Process, we meet with resistance, for there are those who have things in their life experience that they do not want. And as they hear us say, "All things are invited by you," they protest, saying, "Abraham, I wouldn't have invited this because I don't want it!"

So we eagerly offer this information to you to help you understand how you are getting what you are getting so that you may be more deliberate in your attracting of it, and so you may consciously attract those things that you do want - while you may avoid attracting those things that you do not want.

We know that you are not inviting, attracting, or creating it - on purpose. But we will say to you that you are the inviter, the attractor, and the creator of it... because you are doing it by giving thought to it. By default, you are offering your thought, and then the Laws that you do not understand are responding to your thought, causing results that you do not understand. And so, that is why we have come forth: to speak to you of the Universal Laws so that you may understand how you are getting what you are getting, so that you may understand how to gain deliberate control of your life.

Most physical Beings are so completely integrated into their physical world that they have very little conscious awareness of their relationship with the Non-Physical world. For example, you want light in your bedroom, so you go to the lamp by your bedside, turn a little switch, and watch the light flood the room. Then you would explain to others, "This switch causes the light." But you understand, without our explaining, that there is much more to the story of where the light comes from. And so it is with all things that you are experiencing in your physical setting. You are explaining only a little bit of what makes things happen. We are here to explain the rest of it to you.

You have emerged into your physical dimension from your broader, Non-Physical perspective with great intent and purpose. You have come forth because you wanted this physical experience very much. This is not the first of such experiences for you. You have had many physical, as well as Non-Physical, life experiences. And you have emerged into this one because you want to add to that continuing evolving Being that you-really-are - that Being that through this body and through these physical senses you may not now know, but that Being, indeed... that broader, expansive, growth-seeking, joy-seeking, evolving part of you.

"Every emotion feels good... or feels bad"

Every emotion that you feel is, without exception, communicating from your Inner Being letting you know, in the moment, the appropriateness of whatever you are thinking, speaking, or acting. In other words, as you think a thought that is not in vibrational harmony with your overall intent, your Inner Being will offer you negative emotion. As you do or say something that is not in vibrational harmony with who-you-are and what you want, your Inner Being will offer you negative emotion. And, in like manner, when you are speaking, thinking, or acting in the direction of that which is in harmony with your intentions, your Inner Being will offer you positive emotion.

There are only two emotions: One of them feels good, and the other feels bad. You call them all sorts of different things, depending upon the situation that brought them forth. But as you recognize that this Guidance System (which comes forth from within you in the form of emotion) speaks to you from your broader, all-inclusive perspective, you will be able to understand that you have the benefit of all the intentions that you hold here today and all of the intentions that you emerged into this physical body with - and that you have the ability to factor in all of the details of all your desires and your beliefs, in order to be able to make the absolute appropriate decisions at every point in time.

"How am I getting what I'm getting?"

At first, our insistence that you are the creator of your own reality is met with a joyful acceptance, because most people long for the control of their own experience. But as you come to understand that everything that is coming to you is being attracted by your own thought (you get what you think about whether you want it or not), some of you feel uncomfortable with what seems like the overwhelming task of monitoring thoughts, sorting them out, and offering only those that will yield things that you do want.

We do not encourage a monitoring of thoughts, for we agree that would be incredibly time-consuming and cumbersome, but instead we recommend a conscious utilization of your Emotional Guidance System.

If you will pay attention to the way that you are feeling, then a monitoring of your thoughts is not so necessary. Whenever you are feeling good, know that you are, in that moment, speaking, thinking, or acting in accordance with your intentions - and know that whenever you are feeling bad, you are not aligned with your intentions. In short, whenever there is negative emotion present within you, you are, in that moment, miscreating, either through your thought, your word, or your action.

And so, the combination of being more deliberate about what you want, more clear about what you intend, and more sensitive to the way you feel is, in essence, what the Deliberate Creative Process is all about.

...excerpts from The Law of Attraction

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